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I recently bought a new laptop which came with Vista Home Premium on it. Having gathered alot of XP software previously i decided to put XP on the data partition of the hard disc (came with c: and d: drives - Vista and Data). Im not sure as to the original type of the two partitions on the machine. I inserted the XP cd and chose the data partition as the destination (on d: ). The installation went fine and I then had a working XP system. I no longer had access to Vista tho although I could browse its location (the c: ). Then in an effort to regain access to Vista I bought System Commander (boot manager) which I installed on XP hoping that it would automatically pick up all the OS's on the machine. However things are rarely that simple it seems and it didnt pick Vista up - it listed it as an extended partition(? - is the problem to do with needing primary partitions for OS's?). Then I asked around and someone recommended EasyBCD. Is there a way I can revive Vista (using EasyBCD maybe? ) without using the Vista recovery disc which would completely erase XP. Ive put alot of time into setting up XP with installed software etc. and really would rather not go thru it all again, also i dont have a Vista disc which seems to be required with EasyBCD?
..any advice offered would be appreciated, thanks
C Dunne
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IT was brought to my attention that i had pasted the wrong URL in there. Right now now present. Thanks Mahmoud.