recovery cd wont boot -

so i have purchased and burnt a recovery cd for vista, placed it in the non starting laptop (asus), and changed the bios to boot from CD, but, i am still getting the orginal error message on the black screen which identifies rapportKELL.sys as broken/corrupt, rather than booting your product.
any thoughts on what to do now would surely be appreciated!


Mak 2.0

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Did you burn the ISO directly after you downloaded it? You did not use anything like WinRAR to extract the ISO or anything did you? What software did you use to burn the ISO?
Thanks, I used Roxio that I think came along with the downloaded ISO didn't it? J


Alex - some progress, i made another copy and it worked, stopped at the winre password a couple of times, but then got past it.
Ran the recovery and completed the automated repair, which said it had completed successfully and i should restart, but upon restart i get black screen again and same booting error surrounding rapportKELL.sys error 0xc0000098.
so used the restore utility and came to same outcome... etc etc.
any thoughts?
thanks Jim

Mak 2.0

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Just a bit of advise, when burning ISO's it is always suggested to do it at the lowest speed possible. I burn mine at 4X all the time. Yeah it takes a bit longer but I have yet to have a disk fail on my doing it this way. :wink:

Well I do know that the auto repair option is very touchy. No matter if it is the one created by Microsoft or the one we created based off of it. The best option I can say is that the Auto Repair option must be run 3 times. I know it sounds very odd, but it seems like the 3rd time is always the charm. Try it and report back.
Alex. No joy I am afraid, not 3rd 5th or 7th try. Restore didn't work either. Can I use your cool tool to go via the command prompt and remove this Rapport [cr]app - i don't need or want it, extra security software my bank wanted there.
Is that worth a try?
Oh, and how would I do it?!

I think I have hit the end of the road. System Disc sent me a link to the bigger recovery disc file, but laptop just won't boot this up (where it did the smaller original purchased one).
Original still says "fixed and recovered, restart", but it isn't.

Does this sound like the end of the line to you guys too? Some things are just unrecoverable I guess?