Recovery disc for Vista

after i put it on cd what do i do? cuz i put it in the drvie and i cant do anything with the files.

it has a boot folder
a sources folder
and a bootmgr file

i was wondering what i was to do?


and also i tried going to the recovery menu to restore to factory settings and it said i need the install disc is this it?
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Hello Battle1984, welcome to NST

Our recovery disc cannot be used for re-installing Windows. You can try startup repair from the recovery options menu though that you get with "Repair my computer" to try to fix it. Your computer may have a recovery partition, which can be booted from with a specific keyboard combination as you turn on your computer.

If you cannot boot from the recovery partiton or one doesnt exist, you'll need to either...

a) Borrow a disc from a friend and use your product key (attached to a sticker on your computer) for the installation.
b) Contact the computer company of your computer for a replacement recovery set for a small fee.
Vista recovery

i want to make my computer back to original factory so i tried to do the restore to factory option but it told me some of the recovery partion was gone so i needed a recovery disc.
the disc i just made from you guys what i need? and how do i use it?
Depends what your problem is.
If you have a broken boot process, you use startup repair.
If you have a malfunctioning Vista after you've made some changes, you can use system restore to go to an earlier checkpoint (before the problem started).
If you've been using Vista to do full system backups, you can use the recovery disk to access and restore them.
You can also use the recovery console to issue commands like chkdsk, to find and fix defective blocks on your HDD.
You cannot use the recovery disk hosted here to install Vista or to do a factory reset of your PC.
You'll need the original media that came with the PC, or were created from the recovery partition at system setup.
Have you tried accessing the hidden OEM recovery partition. Your PC handbook or the manufacturer's website should tell you how.
If you can access it, you'll be able to use it to do either a reinstall of Vista, or a complete factory reset.

I was wondering if i made a recovery disc from another vista computer would it be able to work on my vista computer? and would it make it where it was able to restore my computer back to factory?
Hi Battle1984.
First of all, as stated by Justin in the other thread, please limit the same issue to one thread please. We monitor all forums, so your posts wont get answered any quicker if scattered all over the forums in various threads. :wink:
Now to your problem...
Our recovery disk can not be used to restore your computer back to factory condition. You will need a recovery disk from your OEM for that. Our disk is only for repairing and recreating (if necessary) Vista's boot files.
If Startup Repair didn't fix the issue the first time, run it at least 2 more times as it can only fix one boot problem per pass.
so i wouldnt be able to use another computer with vista and make recovery discs with that com and use them on mine?
because i cant get the disc to work for me....
or would my best option be getting a home basic disc from the store?
because i cant get the disc to work for me....
Re-burn the disk with ImgBurn. Use the "Write image file to disk" option to write the ISO to the CD as an image. Once it is burned, reboot, go into your BIOS by pressing whatever key it tells you to at the first splash screen (usually F2, Del, or similar) you get to, and put your CD drive first in the boot sequence so it boots first instead of the HDD. Now insert the disk you just burned, save the changes you made and exit the BIOS. When you get a message saying "Press any key to boot from CD" press a key, and you should be able to get to the Recovery Options screen where you can select Startup Repair. Run it at least 2-3 times, and your boot problem should be fixed.

See these two links for more info:

Burning ISO Images with ImgBurn - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
its not really a booting problem im having. my computer boots up fine...

its not letting me restore to factory settings

ok my brother in law said he just got vista ultimate and asked if i wanted it also so i said sure. so he puts it on and i thought it was nice untill my computer told me it was an illegal version. so i was just wondering how i could put it back to original factory. its not letting me do it through the recovery manager on the computer. it says the system does not have a recovery partion. The recovery process requires the disc set.
When you installed the pirate Vista, you probably destroyed your recovery partition by letting it format the whole disk. You could use the recovery media generated from another PC if it's the exact same make and model with identical hardware, as long as the factory reset process allows you to enter YOUR serial number and doesn't have the other PC's serial hard-coded in. Otherwise even a successful restore would be detected as a duplicate (illegal) copy.
Is that what happened with Ultimate ? did you use the DVD serial from your brother in law again ?
MS won't activate the same serial number on 2 different PCs, unless you phone up, in which case in activating yours, they'd deactivate his.
so instead of using someone elses recovery discs could i just use an actual Windows Vista Home Basic disc? and would it bring back my recovery manager?
so instead of using someone elses recovery discs could i just use an actual Windows Vista Home Basic disc?
Sure. If you know someone who owns a copy of Vista, and who would be happy to lend it to you, then go ahead. Just make sure to use the serial number on your own computer though... :wink:
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