Recovery disc for Vista

and thats gonna gonna put it back to factory again?

i tried the same thing with an original OS dvd. and did all the things for repairing but nothing happened, i ended up reinstalling vista. still once your done reinstalling vista, there will be a note that all your previous documents, pictures. will be save under windows.old...
Most factory restore disks or recovery partitions reformat the Windows part of the hard drive, so don't count on it. You should always back up your important files.
OK, I think I'm putting this in the right place - but you have repeatedly told someone else to put it with the right thread - so, I hope I am doing that.

I DO have a boot problem and suspect that this will solve it. However, I have had to download the files on another computer (because I can't boot the broken one). I've downloaded to items:

1. Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc.iso (~5K)
2. Windows Vista x64 Recover (big file)

The instructions say to use the ImgBurn program which I have downloaded to burn the .iso file to the disk. Then to put it into the drive and boot. It would seem to me that I should also put the .zip file or the files extracted from it onto the disk as well - but the instructions do not say that. If I don't, and then take it to the other computer - no files. So, which is it:

a. put the .iso file and the .zip file on the disc
b. put the .iso file and extracted files form the .zip on the disc
c. the unthinkable, just put the .iso file on the disc

OK, so while waiting, I decided to try one or more of these. I don't get the option to install the .iso file. WHen I choose select a file and open the folder the .iso file doesn't even show up in the list - or the list of acceptable files to burn. Please be specific and give an example - what specifically goes onto the CD????

Please see the WORD file attached, called BootTrack.doc

Dave Smith
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Hello Dave, welcome to NST.
You need to perform option c. and burn just the ISO file to a CD with ImgBurn. The "zip" file is actually the downloaded CD in ISO format, and that is what you burn to disk. The 5K file is the torrent you used to download the actual .iso file.
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