Recovery Disc incompatibility?

A friend with an Acer Aspire X3200 with Vista Home Pre OEM mistakenly deleted registry entries and now not surprisingly Windows refuses to load. I dwnld the Vista Recovery Disc (32 and 64) and after the repair screen a window pops up with this

This version of Sys Recov Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair

At one point I did get to the options screen with the thought of getting a command prompt for additional methods. I navigated away frm the screen before learning of these methods and now after repeated attempts I'm able to go no further than the above error message.

Is it possible his os is fouled beyond all repair? Under what conditions would a message like above appear? And finnaly, is it possible the message is literally true, that there are versions of Vista?
This happens with both x86 and x64 ?
That normally indicates you're using the wrong one (it need to be the same as the installed OS)
From the sound of it, its not actually the boot per se that's the problem. Its deeper inside the Windows OS. I doubt our recovery disk will help with your issue anyway.

A reinstall may be necessary.
I was able to finnaly get Vista up and running though I won't attempt to recount here the untold failed configurations of Vista options I used once I was was able to access the options menu.

But I will tell you this. What I think, and I emphasize the think, ultimately turned the trick was accessing Safe Mode then running SFC /scannow from Task Manager.

As I said, I worked countless variations of the options presented on the Recovery Disc., three days of options, in fact, since many attempts called for hours of waiting.

A note or two: interestingly, one of the post with the same issue was also an Acer computer. I wonder if that particular brand of OEM os is particularly cumbersome to repair. Perhaps a call to Acer support should have been resolve No 1.

And, finally, I imagine that even tho I succeeded, my experience suggests that not all bonked registry issues are created equal and some may defy all efforts to repair and call for a fresh re-installation of the os.
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