Recovery Disc Source?


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I have used the recovery disc posted at,

Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files:

And it works a real treat. My question is, how was the file for this disc created? I have seen some instructions on the MS website about how to create a WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) file using the Vista AIK (Automated Installation Kit) and ImageX.

Was this the procedure used to create this disc?

Curious. :nerd:
This disc was created with a Beta version of Vista Sp1 when this disc was part of the Service Pack. They had this option within the Service Pack to create this ISO and burn it. That is how we obtained it. Since then Microsoft has since removed this from Service PAck 1.
How do i get the recovery disc ISO

when i try to get to it it asks me for user name and password..

going to the wrong place?
Hi Aaron, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

There was a temporary problem with the server, it's been since resolved.

@RJV: We're currently working on a new version that is built with the WAIK kit and has support for Vista x64 and x86 alike. In the future, the recovery disc will also contain some of our own in-house software for recovery purposes.


There was a component on the server that we use to manage redirects and expired resources which was malfunctioning. Thankfully I've just been informed by the vendor that an update is available to address the sporadic problems I'd been experiencing with it - Just updated the server now and all seems to be well.
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Using the recovery disc


I have a Fujitsu Siemens laptop originally loaded with Windows XP SP2. I then upgraded to Vista Home Premium from a Vista upgrade DVD on top of XP. The only recovery disc I have is the Fujitsu Siemens one that resets the OS to the factory XP settings. I have also successfully installed Vista SP1. Will the Vista Recovery Disc work with upgrades over XP and, if so, should I wait for the forthcoming version that is mentioned earlier in this thread?


John, welcome to the forum,
your Vista upgrade DVD should be bootable and do everything that the download here will do.