Recovery Disc to access booting from the Recovery Partition


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I have the same problem as sf7021. Everything appears to be working, but I don't know how to reach the Recovery Partition to reboot to factory condition. The error message I get is error 0x80070002 (E:\source \install.wim does not exist). I don't want to just load Vista, I want to use the Recovery Partition. I booted from an OS disc thinking it was a recovery disc and apparently broke the connections to th Recovery Partition (which exists as a separate partition which I acn' use. Obviously, i've tried F11 and sytem repair. No onnection to RP.
Hi Frank.
Our recovery disk can not be used to access the recovery partition.
It is only for repairing the boot.

If your recovery partition can't be accessed, then you can help us help you by posting a few basic items on your system:

The EasyBCD | View Settings | Debug (Detailed) mode.
A screenshot of Disk Management.