Recovery Disc, what files should be on it?


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I downloaded the Vista recovery disc iso and burned it to a DVD, when I boot with it, the screen asks what language I want to install windows and does not give me an option to repair, now my question is, do I have the right files on the disc. Or...
do I just continue and the option appears in the next stage, I am being cautious because I am new to Vista and just learning it.
The files I have on my boot disc are:
"Root" DIR> bootmgr
"boot" DIR> bcd boot.sdi bootfix.bin
"sources" DIR> boot.wim
Hi stephen, welcome to NST.
Just pick your language and proceed to the next screen.
The "repair your computer" link is bottom left.
The instructions are here.
Note the fact that you'll need to boot and repair several times before it's found and fixed everything. It only seems capable of doing them one per boot.