Recovery disc will not boot


First I would like to say a big thank you for sites such as this one.

I have a new computer that came installed with Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I had some issue with the system and wanted to to a repair. Like everyone else, I quickly learned that the disk that came with the computer has no such option. So I went through the steps to create a recovery disk. I downloaded the (64-bit) files and made the c/d and everything checked out ok with the burning. I then had the computer boot from the c/d, but all I get is a flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and that is it. I thought I had a bad disk or such, so I repeated the process of the download and burn, but I had the same issue with the second disk.

Any ideas?
Hi Geareng, welcome to NST.
Did you see a "press any key to boot from CD" message ?
If not, either your PC BIOS is not correctly set to boot from CD before HDD, or your CD(s) didn't burn properly.
Check the 1st by intercepting your BIOS splash screen and hitting the appropriate key to enter the setup utility (It'll say which somewhere on the splash screen) and navigating to the "boot" section.
Check the 2nd by booting the CD on a fully functional PC to verify that it's definitely OK.
I never received the "press any key" message. What I did was insert the c/d, then pressed f9 key at startup. I received a screen message asking me where to boot from, hard drive or c/d and I highlighted the c/d and pressed enter. After a few seconds, the blinking cursor appeared.

Just a few minutes ago, I inserted the c/d in my computer here at work and it worked, so I would say the c/d is good.
There could be a problem with your optical drive. Try booting some other bootable CD to verify that the drive is fine. If it has a problem with CDs, you could try burning to a DVD (RW just for test purposes) which uses a different laser,