Recovery Disc with Acer ?


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Hello NST community i have a Acer Laptop and i want to use the x64 Recovery Disc wich i downloaded from here , now i wanted to know if it will work since i got a Partition wich is Called PQService and needed to Recover the Old System wich was on it before i installed Windows Vista Ultimate X86 .
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Our recovery disc can only be used for repair operations, not for re-installation. You'll need to find the documentation for booting that partition in order to put the system back the way it was.
Not Correctly True .. He can first try to use the ALT+F10 then it should start the Recovery continue press it just acer the ACER LOGO is shown when you turn it on .. Or else you can do it more advance way .. is to actually make it Active to do this you have to do it via Diskpart function .. Read more here : Microsoft Corporation