Recovery disk download connection timed out


I'm downloading the 64 bit recovery disk for my acer 5100. I click on the link and the connection times out. Is the site down?
I'm doing this from my work connection network, plenty fast.


Many companies don't allow torrent downloads on their PCs.
Try it from home.
Thank you Terry60

Thank you Terry60. I was able to download the torrent from home and rip the iso to a cd.

However, even after changing the bios to start with the disk drive, it still says the registry is removed or corrupt.

It also doesn't finish Window's memory check, get's to about 11% complete and just shuts off. I am also running it without the battery in.

Next step is to take the back off to clean off the fan. Seems to be running hot.

Any other ideas? Will keep looking.

Does the CD boot to the "repair your computer" screen ?
If so, try running chkdsk /r from the command prompt on the following screen and see if it can fix HDD problems