Recovery disk has led to 'other user' problem


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Im hope you can help me. I purchased and ran the Windows Vista Recovery Disc. The machine had been very slow prior to this although I could still boot it up normally it was very slow. I ran a virus check on it beforehand and this came up clean. Since running the recovery disk, when I start it up I reach a screen that says "Other user" with a password and username login. I cannot get past this page as I have no details and I cannot login to my normal account?

Any suggestions of what I can do please? I have photos and video of my kids on there so I don't want to reinstall and I don't have the original VISTA repair disk as I was not given one.

Thanks for any advice. I'm totally stuck (and pretty upset) :frowning:


BTW, I ran the Norton's 360 bootable repair disk with virus definitions dated 22. october 2012 so the very latest version
I have an identical problem! Ran the automated repair 3 times, each time the reboot brought me to this 'Other User' logon screen. When I entered my old profile details, it told me it either did not exist or could not be contacted.

I then tried system restore, but had the very same problem.

I have backed up all my files using the CD, but would very much like my computer back! Please help...


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This is usually caused by a virus that causes profile corruption and then vanishes. It only affects Windows Vista machines.
You can send an email to for further help.