Recovery disk loaded: black screen


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I just downloaded the recovery disk software en burned it to a cd. I inserted it in my broken laptop.
Before i inserted the cd my laptop did not start and said there was a problem with the report 0xc00000e9. I could not start windows vista.

Now i inserted the cd. Its starts. Nice... Its loads the files... Nice.... Its show's the vista waitingscreen. Nice... I can see the waiting screen from windows... Nice.. I can see the mouse pointer... Nice....... And... thats it! Nothing else happens. I tried it again and sometimes after te "w indows is loading files' the screen turns black.. And thats it..

HELP! My mainpurpose is to safe my files. I am afraid to bring it to the repair shop because they will format my disks (i dont trust them enough to give my laptop....)

In what way can i access my discs?

Snakie NL:??