Recovery disk not working on Toshiba L300 Vista


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Please bear with me as I am a relative novice to such matters.

My girlfriends toshiba L300 satellite laptop has crashed and not been able to reboot. I followed your instructions in downloading a recovery disk as she forgot to make one before.

The problem I am having is when I pass the screen choosing a language then repair computer, the system starts to verify the hard disk and does nothing else. It just hangs saying it may take more than an hour to complete the task. I left the machine running overnight and it still stays on the same screen.

I cannot acces the system restore options that you speak about in the tutorial.

I then tried to use the install option, but again this just hangs and does nothing.

Please can you advise of any steps I may need to take in order to get this machine up and running again.

Many thanks in advance

Nick, you're stuck. Its now a recovery mission where you can try to rescue any important data with Ubuntu. Once that's done you'll need to contact Toshiba to get a recovery set or borrow a copy of Windows from a friend, but ONLY use the product key on the sticker attached to the laptop to install Windows.