Recovery disk not working


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After a few attempts the recovery disk worked and windows came up as normal. I ran Malwarebytes to check for any lurking malware but the scan came up clean.

Just to be sure everything was working before I returned my bro's computer to him, I did a restart and ended up back at the boot screen (safe mode/start normally/etc) with the same response to selecting any of those as before I did the repair.

basically, I can only boot the computer with the recovery disk. How do I "stabalize it"? Should I just back up his files and do a complete reinstallation? And if I do that, do I only need to backup his files or should I try to recover all his program installation files as well? I'd rather not lose all his programs if I can avoid it.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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Glad you got it working.

For the record, you just need to use the "Write MBR" feature of EasyBCD.