Recovery Failed... so upset... please help.


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Alrighty, well first of all, my computer reboots every time I close the lid and I have recovery errors when my it would reboot... So I wanted to try to just reinstall windows... So I made recovery disks and set it back to factory settings. Now when I try to use the recovery disks (booting from them), I get the gray loading screen, then it will go to the same screen I used to restore it back to factory settings and I have tried to use almost everything on that screen, but I cant seem to get it to use the recovery disks, and when I do try and it reads the disks, it says they are corrupted. :/ I was very careful when making those disks and it said everything went smoothly when making them... I dont know what to do and I dont have my files of course... Please help.

Btw I have an HP Pavilion dv5 if that helps.