Recovery hangs on "Attempting repairs..."


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Hi there. My Vista installation won't start -- it hangs with error 0xc000000f.

So I downloaded the Vista recovery CD and booted up from that. On loading, it asked me whether I wanted to try restoring the system to an earlier point in time. I answered "Yes".

Now, it's just showing a window with a progress bar and the words "attempting repairs" below it. It's been doing this for about an hour now. There's a "Cancel" button on the window, but when I press that it says the current operation cannot be cancelled.

I don't want to interrupt the operation for fear of screwing up my system even further, but this seems a long time for it to be doing this operation. I've used System Restore before from the Lenovo Repair and Recovery partition and it never took very long.

What can I do?

Its probably restoring your system to factory default settings instead of providing you with system restore. At this point let it finish. If it is restoring to factory default settings I hope you backed up your data because the drive well be reformatted, and any programs/files stored on there that weren't there when you first got the computer well be gone.