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I was being proactive and wanted to backp my computer after it crashed on me a month ago. After starting i got the message that I do not have enough memory space it used 9G so far. Now I want to erase that and just back it up on a disk and am unable to do that. I keep getting this message "running low on disk space. How can I get rid of it anyone?
Not sure what you are doing.

At a guess you are using Windows Backup - it will not save a backup onto your system/boot partition , for obvious reasons.

It therefore tries to save it to the only other partition available - the manufacturer" recovery partition" ?

This stops the warning - but does not solve the problem about what to do about the backups.


If you have an external drive - save backups to that.

If not - and you have enough space, save the backups to another partition - create one. Try not to mess with the "recovery partition" at all.

I suggest using a Macrium Reflect Free to make an image of your o/s partition - make a new one every now and again . You can restore that image from the Macrium boot disc ( you run it off from within the macrium program - dot the Linux option and burn it to cd. )

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

You can merge this .reg file to stop the warnings for now:

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Hope it helps
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I wouldn't use Windows backup at all. Use an alternitive like the one mentioned above of if you want a paid product with some more features check out Ghost or Acronis.