Recovery Partition? HOW??


I got the problem with my HP pavilion 9690 laptop. The problem is, that my primary hard drive is broken. I cant login in windows, i tried to reinstall it to its original factory settings (few times), the installation were really long, so i cant wait till it completes. I tried to restart it, now every time i start windows i should do the system checkup, when its done and all bugs are 'fixed' but after restarting all starts from beginning. I have access to the drive C, by command promt - i can see every folder which is there, also have access to HP_RECOVERY partition (i think it' s nod damaged).
Maybe someone knows what can i do??
How can save or copy the recovery partiotion and install it to another hard disk??? maybe i can clone it, i really dont know what to do.
help me!!
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Run the recovery proccess again booted from your recovery partition and let it finish restoring the computer to the factory default configuration.
i tried to do that several times, installation cannot complete, it takes approximately 7 hours for restoring, and then it stops. i should replace the hard disk, as i understand after self drive test, but i dont want to loose windows vista. any suggestions ???
Doesn't the recovery partition offer you a "burn to CD/DVD" option ?
Normally OEMs allow (and encourage) you to make a portable copy of the factory restore capability when you first boot the system straight out of the box.
If that's available use it now and then recreate your system on a new HDD.
If it doesn't work now, you should be able to get a set of bootable recovery disks from the OEM for a nominal fee.
Doesn't the recovery partition offer you a "burn to CD/DVD" option ?
i didnt find that option. it means that i should buy a set of bootable recovery disks???
if there any possibility to clone the partition to secondary drive?? and then boot it from there?
maybe i can add the partition on the second drive and copy all data from hp_recovery to it. will it help me??? what can i do else??? ;(
If you've got some cloning software and a new HDD, give it a try.
You could also try a full format of the Vista partition, before you run the factory reset.
It'll take hours, but it should take any damaged blocks out of use permanently, and maybe allow your factory reset to complete properly.
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You need a new drive like you said. A restoration should only take about 10-20 minutes normally.
I had to do a full recovery of an HP mediacenter PC. Fortunately, I had purchased the recovery CDs from HP while they were still selling them. It still took over 8 hours(!) to do the recovery. It's a very slow process and appears to completely reformat the hard drive, possibly doing a low-level format.

So, if your HP is taking that long, doesn't mean that the hard disk is bad, could just mean that it's a real slow process.

So, i tried to clone the partition from the damaged hard drive to a new one. i used the "partition magic" norton tool. when it was done, i tried to make copied partition active, and boot from there, and as you said, i was not able to do that. maybe i did something wrong. any more suggestions???
i've been watching for a bootable recovery disks, and i didnt found them, for my laptop. :/
You don't make the recovery partition active unless that is the way it was with the orginal copy. In most cases the mbr/BIOS are the key here in conjunction with key combinations when you power on the computer in order to boot from your recovery partition. If its been modified in any matter it won't work anymore and there's no way to fix it unfortunately. So if you can't boot from key combination/vista advanced boot options menu if they've installed options there to do it than you'll either need to request a recovery disc from them or borrow a friend's Vista dvd to re-install using the product key on the sticker attached to your computer. Make sure you keep that image of your files though, so that you can do file restoration when you get it working again.
Which partition did you clone ? the HP recovery or the Vista ?
If your Vista partition was broken (quite likely after all the unsuccessful attempts to repair it), then cloning it is only going to give you a copy of a broken system. If you can clone the HP recovery system to a new HDD, then boot the recovery process on the new HDD, it should be able to restore the factory condition of the Vista system into your nice clean uncorrupted empty HDD.