recycle bin limit


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since when does the recycle bin have a limit
the other day i tried to delete a game i downloaded that was 6 gigabytes it gave me a message that it doesn't fit in the recycle bin and i have to permanently delete it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The Recycle Bin has ALWAYS had a limit. Right click on it and select Properties. There you will see what the size limit is.

Always has been this way.
okay got that but it says that the drive size is 73 g.b. and reserved space is 3..2 g.b. does that mean i have 3 g.b. more space than the computer tells me?
No, that space is how much the recycle bin is allowed to contain, but it is listed as "used space" or "free space" just like any other folder.
You can turn the recycle bin off for that drive and get the reserved space back, but if you're that strapped for space you need to add another HDD.
The space isn't reserved, it just guarantees recycle bin the specified amount of space assuming you have a hard drive with enough free space. The recycle bin itself is nothing more then a hidden folder.