Registered, but can't DL the beta



I'm newly registered and logged in. I'm having massive troubles and would like to try the beta 2 version of EasyBCD. I'm trying to get my system to boot right again -- I'll give the story later. It's a dual-boot Win 7/Ubuntu 9.10. The MBR is messed up. I can get into the OSes (either one) via massive contortions. Anyway, I'm hoping beta 2 will help, but when I try to download it, I keep getting a message that I need to be registered to access the file. But, as I said, I'm logged in, including when I click on the download link.

I cleared browser history, but that didn't help. I'm in a stock Win 7 RC 32-bit build with all pertinent Windows updates and using MSIE 8. Help!
Hello spamless, welcome to NST.
Try logging out, and then logging back in, this time selecting the "Remember me" option.
That may fix it.

For the MBR problem, just boot the W7 DVD, and run Startup Repair 3 times to fix everything (in case there's other problems than that).
I'd already tried logging out and back in -- several times. I cleaned the cache. I even rebooted. The error was persistent.

I got the file -- by using the Google Chrome browser installed on a second OS I have running. Your site apparently has an issue with MSIE8!

Still working through my cascade-of-errors travesty trying to get my system working, but I'll ask questions here as they arise.

With the beta, subver. 76, the Manage Bootloader pane on my AMD Sempron machine under Windows 7 gives a pop-up error. The program doesn't close, but I can't leave that pane after going to it and seeing the error. I have to quit the program, re-open it, and simply avoid going to that pane. If I do want to rewrite the MBR, which is what one can do from that pane, well, that does work. But as stated, I can't then leave the pane or do anything else in the program.
It's nothing to do with IE8. That works for me just fine (as does Maxthon which uses the IE engine). In another similar thread, Guru suggests there might have been transient server problems. Is this still happening to you ? I just downloaded this for the 3rd time 2 minutes ago without a problem, and twice last night (ditto).
Do you have problems just with build 76, or earlier builds too ?