Regular minidumps, maybe ATI card related

I am running Windows 7. A couple of weeks ago I installed an old video card (ATI FireGL 5200) in order to connect a third monitor. The other card is Nvidea GTX 550 Ti. Since then I have had at least 1 minidump a day. I first disabled and later physically removed the card but the crashes continued. It appears as though a modification windows, made most likely the driver installation, remains the source of the problem even after removing the card. I found the atikmdag driver in the driver folder and deleted it. I also ran the DH driver cleaner which found registry entires for the ati card. This did not stop the crashes which frequently occur while online. I found information on line that references an ATI catalyst control panal, but searches for this came up empty. Perhaps this is installed with a 3rd party driver, in my case Windows installed the driver itself , which may be outdated.

I would like to delete the package from driverstore just to be absolutely sure but have not been able to. Primarily because I cannot recognize it, or it doesn’t display using the pnputil.exe –e command.
It is entirely possible this has nothing do with the ATI card Or that packages in driver store couldn't possibly be responsible for the crashes. But I’m suspicious that of the fact that the driver package is not enumerated by pnputil.exe
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I would be very careful deleting such things as the complete driver store folder. Sounds to me more like there is an issue with hardware other than graphics. Maybe inserting that card tipped the system over the edge. I would post on the ATI/AMD Forums AMD Support and Game Forums and or ask ATI/AMD Support: Support Drivers
(Change countries if applicable on that page by clicking the World symbol at top right).

At a guess, and it's only a guess, check your power supply, it could be about to fail.

If this were me I'd take it into a PC repair shop to be looked at.
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Ok, thank you for you quick response. You are pushing me to consider that this might be a larger problem, that may even have existed prior to installing the card, though the blue screens definitely began only after ATI card. The only other anomaly I experience is that my principal monitor (Del U2412) blacks out periodically and usually as a result of an action, the desktop icons all jump to the secondary monitor LaCie 119. Usually if I restart immediately the normal dual screen desktop returns. Also periodically the Del monitor looses its profile , but I think that is a windows fault.
I just downloaded and ran the Nir sofer dump viewer and it looks like the culprit is mostly the iusb3hub.sys and on one occasion the ntoskrnl.exe. All occurrences of the iusb3hub are at the ntoskrnl.exe address. I don’t know a lot about this but its sounds like a usb3 hub is causing a memory error. Is there any way this or the monitor crash could be related?


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Not sure what to suggest beyond that except attempt a repair installation maybe?
Also I've seen black screen happen occasionally when my graphics software seems to forget I use my monitor as my main and tries to throw the picture to the TV (even though it's off at the time) which I have connected as an auxiliary monitor only, so normally its connection is inactive.
I find a quick disconnection of it usually restores my monitor screen.

If this is 7 SP1 which I trust it is, then you'd need 7 SP1 media to do a repair installation: Repair Install - Windows 7 Help Forums .
Note it wont work if the media is an OEM for factory disc.


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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Yes, good luck. It isn't easy to troubleshoot these things when you are not there or at least connected with the machine when it happens.