reinstal windows 7


Hello, I have one or two questions i'm sure you guys
now the answer for.

I have a virus or malware on my computer. Start windows takes like 10minutes. When I scan with antivirus it takes hours but cannot find anything. Especially the maps sys32 is very long to scan. It gets stuck on dll and sys files but after a while it scans furthers whitout any warnings..

My nex option is to format my laptop , that wouldn't hurt. The big problem is that I do not have an installation cd of win 7 and that i do not have my recoverypartition anymore. I deleted it by mistake a while ago :-S

Can I download a win7 cd with installation files and use my productkey on the back of my laptop( that one is genuine)?

Stupid me for deleting the recovery partition :frowning:
There is no legal download of the Win7 DVD with install files. Our Recovery Disks do not have install files. What you can do is get MBAM and Combofix. Restart your machine in Safe Mode with Networking. Thus allowing these programs to update. After Combofix is run the machine will restart. You will get a logfile that is created. Scanning in Safe Mode will take about 20-30 minutes or so depending on the setup of the machine.

Il will first try what Mark 2.0 adviced me to do and if that won't fix my problem I'll borow a cd from a friend assuming my productkey will also work on that cd