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Hi, just a thanks a head of time if anyone can help me. I have tried a few searches to find issues like mine and I found a few but not exactly the same as mine. I have two dual boot computers with vista home premium and ubuntu on them, ubuntu came second on both of them and both vistas were being troubled so I was trying to reinstall them both when I receive the error along the lines of D:/Sources/Install.wim could not be found! Now in the other threads I noticed people were trying to use recovery discs from this site but I'm IT and i have the full business DVD for vista which I burned from an .iso state and was attempting to just do a full reinstall. So I thought it was just the one computer but both of them say the same issue. I'm not sure if this matters or not but both current versions on vista are home premium and I am trying to insert a vista business DVD to do a full reinstall and wipe the old premiums for the new business installs, I have a recovery partition on both computers but no recovery disc as far as I know so i just want to wipe them and install the new business dvd. What am I doing wrong here? Should I delete the partitions with the vista premium in order to install vista business on that same partition?? I'm confused.
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Hi TheManzine. Welcome to NST.
No, no need to delete the partitions containing Vista Home Premium. Just reformat, and then install Vista Business on the same partitions.


In Ubuntu I went into the partition editor and tried to reformat as NTFS but since it already was it only allowed FAT16/32 etc so should I use a live cd of ubuntu which probably wouldn't do anything but I can't think of how to do this without using cmd line in windows.
Well, if I remember correctly, the XP reinstallation DVD at least has an option to reformat partitions, so maybe your Vista DVD will have as well, though I'm not sure. Gparted should have an option to erase the partition (reformat), not just change the filesytem, though if you use that, it might be best to try it from the LiveCD, and not from within Ubuntu. Since I use a different partitioning tool (specifically, BootIt NG) for my system, I wont be to advise you on how exactly to accomplish that with Gparted. But, if you check, there should a way to erase the partition with it.

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Yep. Just select the partition and hit format at the partition screen during Vista's installation (make sure you've booted from the disc). If you don't see it when you get the list of partitions, hit the advanced button to see the aditional options. And if not than, simply delete the partition and create a new one from the free space, so that you can format it.