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This is my first post as you can see, i browse the forum, but i am not too technical, i can do enough on a p.c to do light advanced stuff, but now i'm in a pickle!!! I was hoping some one can help me.

Well, to begin.....i got a 1gb iqon intel chipset desktop p.c with vista home premium installed, with system angel on a 12 gb partition.

I wanted to upgrade, so i PAYED for vista ultimate as i got a discount for it (you may ask why but i did, i did it so i could run games better:wink:)

O.k, so, recently, something went wrong with my p.c after i uninstalled ''tuneitup utilities'', as i like to keep my system as clean as i can, with limited knowledge....but i wanted to rid it because i was not happy with the software. I am 90% sure this uninstall caused an issue, as it was the last thing i did before my problem.

So, after losing my internet connection, after trying everything with technitions, i decided to do system restore, OOOOPSSSS, no restore point, i didn't realize shadow copies was system was turned off..well, it wasn't me that done it though...

so i used f8, and choose system angel, as i used this 3 times before on the original preinstalled vista.

When i done the angel restore, (this kills me) i get a screen with ''other user'' at the first screen after rebooting with a blank picture insert where your user pic would be, now, it asks for user name and password, which obviously does not exists, as it's a new (RE) install. It says Vista home premium at start up, so I've lost my vista ultimate. !!!! I haven't got a password reset disc, and i haven't got the vista disc,(out of warranty too, screw curries) as i lost it when i moved house, along with my X.P discs, and passwords reset on usb sticks are unusable (didn't copy the files correctly it seems). I tried resetting the password in my bios, but to no avail. So, o.k, ive lost vista ultimate, so how do i recover the original or ultimate (??)) Will piriform ''recuva'' help??? or resetting time in bios, i read about this earlier on her, but people use short hand to describe things and don't know what they mean :frowning:

I copied the vista disc when i got it, but i didn't note the serial, i done all this before i knew what i was doing and done this wrong anyhow i thought copying vista disc was what everyone did, but now i know different. They owe me a disc that they will never give me, ill have to make an ISO if i cant fix it, it seems through looking up on Google Iso's are bootable in bios, but i have no idea how to make one...

So, has anyone got or had a similar problem??

Thanks for reading.

Rick (U.K)
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Your restore partition would put the pc back to the way it was which of course would be Vista Home Premium and you do have a Vista disc (the upgrade disc). You can try upgrading again, though this might not work. As far as I know the upgrade also allows you to clean the drive and start fresh like a normal disc would provided you give it a product key from your other version of Windows. This would probably be your best bet, but it well also wipe out any programs/files in the proccess and possibly the recovery partition if you ever want to use it again.