reinstalled windows 7, now cannot find linux boot


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Sorry for the newby question.
I had a dual boot ubuntu 9.10 and windows 7.
My windows 7 crashed (while doing a "windows update"!) and had to re-install it from scratch (on the same partition).
My linux partition is till there - I see it with several disk utilities.
However, I cannot boot linux.
I tried all types of options on easyBCD (adding the partition as a boot option), but nothing works - it looks like whatever ubuntu used to boot itself (grub? not sure anymore), it is not found - maybe something was overwritten when win7 reinstalled.
Is there any way to avoid having to re-install linux?

Thanks, and apologies for the newby question once again.
I think I have the same question. (I actually just got done registering to ask it lol.)

I had Ubuntu 10.10 installed, and I got Windows 7. Since I didn't wanna lose all my crap on Ubuntu, I decided to dual boot it. I got Gparted, and made a second partition. I installed Win7 on that partition, but now when I boot up, it boots directly into Win7. Just like you, I can see both partitions in partition managers like I know Ubuntu is still there. I just have no idea how to boot into it if I ever choose to do so.

Hopefully someone can help us.

Thanks in advance if you can!
From the sounds of it you had the GRUB installed to the same place as the Windows Boot Loader. So now when you had to reinstall Win7 it over wrote that aspect. So what you need to do is use the Ubuntu CD and re-write GRUB back to the boot partition or to the Ubuntu Partition.

I would suggest that you write the GRUB to the Linux Partition. This way if you have to reinstall again, all you have to do is add an entry for Linux using EasyBCD and save yourself time and trouble.
I dont see why not. Your just trying to fix the GRUB. Should be easily done. If not it isnt to hard to just get a copy of Ubuntu 10.10 and use that.