Reinstalled xp in Dual boot

Rick hodg

Hi ,

I recently uninstalled XP from a windows 7 partition. I had it set up with EASY BCD 2.1 and it worked great.

I deleted the XP entry from BCD and reinstalled XP on the same partition i had it on originally.

I booted into windows 7 and added the XP entry but it wont show up in the boot only shows windows 7.

when I add the new entry (xp) it shows it there with Windows 7 but when i reboot and go back into BCD only windows 7 is in the menu

I tired reinstalling BCD but that didn't work.

Does any have any ideas what is going on?

After you add the entry what does it show in the Edit Boot Menu tab? Do you see both entries there? If so click the Save Settings button and see if that forces the BCD to save again with these settings.
yes, it says that xp has been added to boot menu tab...then i can go in and it shows XP in the edit boot menu tab....i saved and it says bootloader settings saved succefully...then i reboot and it only gives me Windows 7 option to boot to. then if I open up Easy BCD the windows 7 is the only option in Edit and XP is gone.


Hurray....I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was following this tutorial:

So after i added XP in BCD (after my reinstall) I was still installing the windows 7 bootloader to the MBR (step 10)....this must need to be done only when i first installed XP and ran BCD for the first time.
When I skipped this step on my reinstall, both Windows 7 and XP are now in the Windows bootloader Menu.

Thanks for Posting Mak.....I tired once more after you post and forgot that step you helped me vicariously!!!!
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When you install XP after W7, XP (which doesn't recognize what W7 is) places its own boot loader in the MBR.
That cannot be made to boot Vista/7 so step 1 is to put the Vista/7 bootmgr back in control (write MBR).
That gives you a Vista/7 single boot BCD, to which you need to add entries for any other systems you wish to boot.
If you do it again, you are back to step 1 and will be in an infinite loop of writing and removing BCD entries.