Reinstalling Grub on Ubuntu partion (boot sector)


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Even after Windows 7 expires the bootloader will remain working and intact. You can also use the Vista/7 bootloader with XP alone - shouldn't be a problem, I do that myself.

That's the good news :grinning:

I'm not sure which font you're referring to?
Font used on all you web pages, like the one I'm using to write this text (I guess is Arial?)

Anyway, glad you got it to work - congratulations & glad to be of help.
Stick around and enjoy the community if you like - we'd love to have you onboard.

I will, you guys are experts in you domain :smile:


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complete nube here
I screwed up ... have things fixed so that they're functional, but not ideal.
Original system was vista from manufacturer, I've been dual booting XP for years, without problems. I decided to try gOS to streamline things. boote from liveCD but it was slow (ofcourse). I was afraid to install to either my primary partition (vista's house) or to the secondary partition (where XP lives) so I installed to an 8Gb thumbdrive.
Now I can't boot the computer without the thumbdrive in place or I get "ERROR 21"
vista completely died, so I recovered with my toshiba restore utilities CD. Now XP's dead (I can live with that), but the GRUB thing opens whenever I turb on the computer.
IF I have the thumb drive in, if loads to a menu with thre ubuntu options the the longhorn options, which are for teh most part functional (except XP died).
Sometime inteh last three days of screwing around withthis I loaded ubuntu (proper) via wubi (before XP died). ubuntu stil runs if selected, gOS still runs from teh thumb drive (that's where I am now), Vista will run after a few menu selections, and XP is out.
What can I do to just boot to a single menu, make a selection , and get on with life....ideally a primary boot into ubuntu or vista (both are acceptable for the work I need to do).
I'm lost.
Many thanks in advance.
by the bye: I'd like to never see the word "GRUB" again upon startup....
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Hi mike.
Sorry you never even got a welcome before fixing your problem unaided.
Keep an eye on the boards for future goodies, and drop in for a chat at the water cooler sometime.
Feel free to contribute any expertise you might have, or develop in future.
Any help greatfully received.