Reinstalling win7 with ubuntu installed


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Hi, sorry if this question is insanly noobish. All I did was follow some instructions a while back and forgot what to do. I have ubuntu and win7 in the booting menu. I need to remove ubuntu, because im going to reinstall win7 altogether. (guessing that if I reinstall windows 7 as is, everything will get screwed up)

One time I removed ubuntu, and I couldent even boot into windows anymore until I reinstalled ubuntu, Im sure thats because of some settings in easybcd.

So all I see to do is remove windows 7 entries? Then I can format both partitions, allowing me to safely reinstall windows 7, then to install easybcd again, then set up linux. I just want to make sure im doing this correct, if its such a bad question, we can remove this thread after answered. :shame:

But wait...can I leave linux installed? Just format win7 partition, then after reinstall just set up easybcd again?
If removing Ubuntu stopped W7 from booting, then I guess that grub is handling the boot, not the W7 bootmgr/BCD.
What does the boot menu say it is ?
If you're currently using the W7 bootmgr to boot both systems (you should be able to tell by whether it says "Windows Boot Manager" or "Grub" in the boot menu; if its the former, you're using the W7 bootmgr), then yes, all you have to do is format the partition, reinstall W7, reinstall Easy in W7, and use it to add an entry for Ubuntu in the boot menu. Then you'll have a fresh install of W7 and your dual boot back.

Can I use Ubuntu and Windows 7 both at my computer?
Of course. Its called a dual-boot.
But you can only use one at a time though, unless you use something like VirtualBox.

Let us know if you need any help in setting up the dual-boot on your computer, and we'll do our best to help.