remote access software for Vista


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How to choose best remote access software for Vista? Logmein, Radmin, VNC..Which is better?:lup:


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I'm a newbie, but Logmein works fine with my work computer (Vista) and my home computer (XP). I can remote into either from the other without a problem.

Mak 2.0

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I have used jsut about all of those mentioned along with TeamViewer. TeamViewer is good and simple to use. It basically just requires a number to be input. VNC is a bit more complicated and required knowledge of port forwarding. Logmein is also easy to use.

So really the choice is yours.


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Logmein, Radmin, VNC etc. are all quality remote support software’s which can be used to remotely access any computer. Additionally, you may even consider deploying on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB or Bomgar appliances for remotely accessing computers.


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Hi Mike, welcome to our community and thanks for sharing!