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I am trying to start using Linux (Ubuntu to begin with) and am looking for a way to remote support other users on the (Windows AD) domain. I believe i have added my Ubuntu client to the domain (but havent learnt how to check yet), but the built in Remote desktop viewer will not work. Everytime i try, i get 'Connection to host was closed' error. "rdesktop" works fine, however this logs the user off so not much help when i'm trying to help a user setup outlook for example. Could someone please assist me and let me know if there is anything i need to install/configure/setup.

Many thanks,
Linux Newbie :grinning:
If this is for a business look into convincing your IT department that its worth the purchase for TeamViewer. They recently came out with a Linux version, and have versions for the iPad/iPhone, Windows, and OS X as well.