Remove BCD from system

How do I remove EasyBCD from my Windows Vista System. I want to go back to a non dual boot method of booting Vista. I uninstalled the program a few months ago but it left its mark, that is, the dual boot method still present.

I attempted Start-up Recovery from the Vista DVD and all that told me was that there were not any problems with the bootloader. The dual boot method remained.

Any advice appreciated.
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Hi superjacent,
EasyBCD is just a nice GUI utility to enable you to manipulate Vista's BCD without the difficulty involved in the user-unfriendly Microsoft way.
You'll have a dual boot menu if Vista can see a second OS when you run the recovery. It's nothing to do with EasyBCD - that just provides you with a friendly tool.
If you still had EasyBCD installed, you could just delete the entries for everything other than Vista, set the wait time to zero, and you'd go straight into Vista without seeing a menu.
Hello Superjacent and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Terry is right. EasyBCD does not control the Dual Boot. The BCD which is the Vista bootloader does. Easy BCD is jsut a tool to mofiy it easily. You will have to remove all the entries but the one you want and save the BCD. From there it should automatically boot into that OS. You should not have to adjust the time at all since there is no dual boot option after you remove all other entries.