Remove BCD


I removed Easy BCD with Revo uninstaller; hoever certain files (which unknown) still allow EBC to boot as a dual boot system. How do totally remove it?
EasybCD is just a program, not the boot loader itself. MS's bootmgr is what is in charge here.

The easiest way to get it where XP's boot loader (ntldr) is in charge is to use EasyBCD. With it installed go to Bootloader Setup > MBR Configuration Options > Install the Windows XP bootloader to the MBR > Write MBR.

Reboot to make sure the menu is gone and XP is booting correctly. Now you can uninstall EasyBCD.
The primary program is Win 7 and the second would be Win XP. When I remove the BCD program and reboot, I still get the bootloader with Win 7 (1) and Win XP.
Your goal is to get rid of Windows 7, right? If not, than you well need to keep your current boot loader. Hiding the menu is simple as changing the timeout to 0. With this timeout the default entry would be selected immediately.