Remove Boot Manager but keep partition table

My laptop recently crashed and I couldn't repair it to startup windows 8.1. This gave me the excuse I needed to install Windows 10 onto a brand new SSD, which all went smoothly. Install was great. I got a second hard drive caddy the next day and attached my old 750 gb hdd onto the second SATA connector which has a ton of data/storage space I need. The problem now is the computer sees two different Boot Managers at start up and somewhat randomly picks one to boot, usually the broken Win8.1. My crap HP bios settings do NOT allow me to set one hard drive as priority over another. I can manually select the correct boot manager by hitting f9 at startup but don't want to do this forever. Also, sometimes when waking from hibernation it will try to load the broken drive again. My question is how can I remove/disable this boot manager without screwing up the partition table?



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Try removing the active flag from the HDD so that the BIOS can't look to boot from that drive.
Check your BIOS boot page again though - the boot priority is normally a tree structure.
First set the boot device priority (normally DVD, then HDD) and drill down within each category to set the optical drive priority (if there's more than one) and the disk priority.
As to your last question, have you read