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I've installed HnS, but forgot I had EasyBCD on the drive also - I now get the HnS menu first followed by the EasyBCD boot menu. Can anyone advise how to remove the EasyBCD menu?

Is it a case of using the Vista DVD to 'Repair' the drive, then running HnS again? I REALLY don't want to get this wrong and end up having to reinstall!!

Hi Dekhog, welcome to NST.
Don't panic, you don't need to reinstall or repair anything,
Just exec EasyBCD and set timeout to 0 and the 2nd menu won't be presented.

(HnS adds itself above the normal Vista bootldr/ XP NTLDR chain, but they're both still there doing the actual loading - you just don't need them to give you a menu any more)

See this post for the logic
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