Remove dual boot

I just want to confirm what I am about to do is correct :smile:
It's one of those things that seems too easy to be true :grinning:

I have a dual boot system with 2 HD drives.
HD 1 has XP and was installed first , it has 5 partitions and the first one with XP installed is Active.
HD 2 has Windows 7 , it also has 5 partitions, the first one has Windows 7 installed.

I no longer require to boot into XP.

Am I correct in thinking all I need to do is Change Boot drive to the partition that has Windows 7 installed (it wont wipe the 7 partition will it?) , then change the primary drive in my bios settings to the 7 drive?
That will leave me booting straight to Windows 7 and still have access to the files on the XP drive and the ability to format the XP partition should I wish to.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes it is that simple.
No it won't wipe W7.
You will need to change the BIOS HDD boot sequence afterwards (as explained in the above link) to stop your PC continuing to boot from the original location.
(EasyBCD copies the required data to the target location, leaving the originals untouched)