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Ok, here goes.

I have finally decided that I want grub2 to contol booting my quad boot system. I have tried to get easybcd to work in a quad setup with no luck. Triple boot was fine, quad has been difficult.

I have Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 12 and Xubuntu 10.04 working fine from grub2 . The problem I have is when I select to boot to Windows 7, the easybcd menu still comes up and lists the entries I was trying to get to work, eventhough there is only one entry in easybcd "edit boot menu" screen. I can get into Windows 7 fine, I just don't want to see the easybcd menu. When i select Windows 7 from the grub2 menu I want to go straight to Windows 7. I have tried everything / combination I can think of to get rid of the menu to no avail. Everytime I change something in easybcd, it (I) screw up the boot system and I have to load a linux live cd and reinstall grub2, which works fine.

My current partitions are:

sda1 - hidden recovery partition 12gb
sda2 - system reserved 100gb
sda3 - Windows 7 50gb
sda4 - extended
sda5 - Ubuntu 20gb
sda6 - Fedora 20gb
sda7 - Xubuntu 20gb
sda8 - swap 1gb
sda9 - shared storage 100gb

Xubuntu was installed last. Again, it's using grub2 and everything is working fine. If someone has some suggestions as to how to get easybcd to work with this set-up I would appreciate the help. If not how do I remove it. It seems the problem lies with multiple grub2 installs. With Win 7 , Ubuntu, Fedora, all was ok. As soon as I installed Xubuntu, my problems started. When I would select Xubuntu, Ubuntu would boot every time. It's probably the way I'm setting up easybcd, but I would be ok with getting rid of it as well.

Thanks Glen

edit: Easybcd 2.0 Beta build 93
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It's not EasyBCD's boot menu, it's W7's.
EasyBCD just displays and manipulates it for you. EasyBCD is not a boot manager.

"Everytime I change something in easybcd, it (I) screw up the boot system and I have to load a linux live cd and reinstall grub2, which works fine."

What were you doing ?
The only way you can screw with a grub boot with EasyBCD, is if you instruct it to replace grub with the MS bootmgr (re-install Vista/7 bootmgr - write MBR)
Just editing the contents of the W7 boot menu can't change the MBR and stop it from locating grub.

If EasyBCD is only showing one entry in the BCD, but selecting W7 from grub produces a multi-entry menu, then you must have 2 BCDs, one being chained from grub, and another being accessed from EasyBCD. Check which partition grub is chaining to, and check in the "file" menu that Easy is also picking the same one.

You can set timeout 0 or tick the "skip menu" flag from the "edit boot menu" page to suppress the W7 menu.

Hi Glen.

I quad boot Vista (primary OS), 7, Simply Mepis 8.0 (Linux), and Simply Mepis 8.5 (Linux). It took me a long time and lots of frustration to figure out how to get 2 different versions of Linux to boot. I will not use GRUB for the Windows installs - my preference. I have Easy BCD installed in Vista. I use it to point to either Vista or 7 or to GRUB which then goes to either of the 2 Linux installs. After I figured it out, it works really slick. My problem was that I was attempting to get Easy to point to 2 separate GRUB installs - wouldn't work. So what I did was point it to the first GRUB install and have that GRUB contain the 2 Linux entries and no more problems. I eliminated the Windows entries from GRUB entirely.

Best to you.

Jerry in Anchorage