Remove excess Windows XP boot selection


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Hi all,

I am writing this for a friend who bungled an attempt to format a new hard drive. He formatted it in XP first but seems to have made some failed attempts that he is now getting 5 boot selections of XP.

He was to attempt to format a new drive in XP first then Windows 7 for a dual boot arrangement but stopped as he cannot remove the excess boot selection. I see that it's around 5 selections of XP there!

Am not a techy myself so am not really helpful to him. Can that be corrected by EasyBCD? If so how can I delete that with EasyBCD? Have not made the attempt yet and opted to ask here first.

If EasyBCD won't work, can you please do so kindly help me through a step-by-step procedure on how to remove that...I do request that yo be patient with me and share me all the details as if say, a beginner is asking.

Thanks a lot for hearing me :smile:



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In EasyBCD "edit boot menu" just delete any unwanted entries.


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Sorry for the very late reply as I got sick. So coming back to the issue I posted...

My friend installed EasyBCD earlier and when I got there and clicked Edit Boot Menu it said "No entries found". Huh..? I rebooted and there it was 6 OS selection of Microsoft Windows XP Professional. When boot was finished I launched EBCD again Edit Boot menu. The same result "No entries found". I tried to click Skip the Boot Menu and then rebooted again. The OS boot selection still had the 6 entries. Upon reboot launched EBCD and "No entries found".

Please help..I do not know what to do now...:frowning: