remove grub loader(ubuntu server 10.04) and regain dual boot xp and win7


it was before..
1 earlier version of windows
2 windows 7
3 ubuntu desktop (installed from xp)
all three installed on different partitions

as i needed ubuntu server server 10.04, i installed it(using bootable CD) on the partition used for ubuntu desktop(i.e deleted and created as i no longer needed desktop version of ubuntu). now when i restart the system, the grub loader comes first with options for ubuntu server and windows 7 loader, upon selecting win7 loader, it takes me to the previous 3 options from where i can access xp (well, the ubuntu option is dummy now, as i've deleted it).

now i'm done using ubuntu server and i want remove it and regain the previous state..i mean

1 earlier version of windows
2 windows 7

kindly help me out...