Remove pirated copy of Windows XP and get the preinstalled back (missing cd)


My friend got a computer "as is" with windows xp. It had a password and he took it to someone who reinstalled a "better loaded" windows. Thanks to microsoft now we know it is a pirated copy. Is there a way to reinstall the windows xp it had before? Not sure if there is a recovery partition... please tell me any further information I should give to determine if a restoration is possible. We don't have the CD but I do have a copy of service pack 2 for windows xp... if that's of any help.

Really, it is my friends :smile:, he got ripped off. The guy who "fixed it" charged him $250, and now wants another $150 since at the time my friend got the report that it was a pirated copy, the computer started to malfunction. I don't know that person but my friend doesn't want to deal with him anymore, he said he can uninstall the fake copy and leave it "the way it was"....
whatever that means. But most likely leave it screwed.

Like I said, if additional info is needed please tell, it's his only computer.

Thank you!
You can post a Disk Management screenshot (details at the end of the sticky) to see if there's a recovery partition, and details of the make and model so we can advise how to access it if it's there.
If you borrow a Windows XP CD from a friend, you can reinstall it legally *if and only if* you use the CD-Key from the sticker.