Remove Vista from dual boot with Win 10

I am sure this has been covered here before. I have looked around quite a bit but cannot find my exact situation. If one of you who has been around a while can refer me to a thread that applies to me, I'd appreciate it.
Here's what I've got: Desktop PC that came with Vista on the C drive. After getting it I partitioned that drive so that I could put my programs on a D partition, data on an E partition and the factory recovery partition became F. Later I installed a second drive for Win 7, and again divided it into 3 partitions......Win 7 on G drive, Win 7 programs on H and data on I. I eventually upgraded that drive to Windows 10, which is all I use now. I set up a dual boot so I could keep Vista for some older hardware ( a Nikon film scanner) I still needed.
I no longer need or use Vista and would like to reclaim the space on the original C drive for other uses.
I tried to get rid of Vista a few years ago, but quickly got into trouble. I think it was/is because the PC is actually booting from files on the C drive......correct? Luckily I had recovery options, put Vista back the way it was and went back to the dual boot setup. I've left it alone since then. With some time on my hands this winter, I'd like to try again. If I can do it, I'd eventually reassign the drive letters to have Win 10 on C, D and E as Vista was originally. But that is another matter and I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
Again, I appreciate any help I can get and don't want to waste anyones time with a new thread, if I can just find one that applies to my situation. Thanks.


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