Remove Vista from tri boot


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Here's where I'm at:
Drive 0 Vista
Drive 1 Data
Drive 2 XP PRO and Windows 7

I want to remove vista and have dual boot with XP and Windows 7. I've made some changes with EasyBCD and Diskpart like removing vista from list and making win7 partition active but have following problem:
When I set drive 0 to boot in Bios I see both XP and Win 7 and can enter either OS OK
When I set drive 2 to boot in bios I cannot get into XP, only win7. Can anyone help me get rid of vista and put boot records on right drive? Thanks for your help.
Remove Vista's drive, set XP/W7's drive first in boot sequence. When you are in W7 get the latest build of EasyBCD from here and add a new entry for XP, allowing EasyBCD to autoconfigure.