Remove Vista from Vista-Win 7 dual boot when system is on Vista


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Sorry if this is elsewhere, I couldn't find one that matched! I have a Vista-Windows 7 dual boot and want to remove Vista. .PC has 2 boot options but defaults to Win 7. . In Computer Management, Vista is active and system. When I am in Win7, that is "C" and Vista is "D" but when I am in "Vista" that is "C and Win 7 is "D"". Boot shifts to whatever OS I am in.

I am afraid to delete Vista as then I won't be able to boot into 7 will I? Please advise what to do. I have downloaded EasyBCD Found advice about changing boot but in this case, that doesnt quite fit my situation!

Would appreciate any advice. thanks in anticpation.
Get latest version of EasyBCD from here.

BCD Install/Repair > Change Boot Drive. Move everything to W7's partition.
Edit Boot Menu > Remove Vista's entry.

Reboot. If Windows 7 boots ok you can do whatever you want with Vista's partition.
Remember that when we say the "boot" drive (in common with the rest of the planet) we mean the drive where the boot files are.
Unfortunately, as you've observed, to MS "boot" means "this is the OS you're running", and "system" means "where the boot files are".

When you use EasyBCD "change boot drive", you'll see the "system" flag will move to where you tell it.
Once Vista is no longer "system" and you're in W7 as "active" "system" "boot", there will no longer be any inhibition in Disk Management on formatting the Vista partition.

I want to do this too. So formatting the drive with vista wont harm 7 in any way ?

If i copy programs from that disk to another one, i'll have to re-install them right ?

sorry for being a rookie.. im just not that into IT
Look in Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.
If Vista isn't "system" you can format it.
If it is "system", use EasyBCD "change boot drive" to copy the boot files to W7.
If W7 is on a different HDD to Vista, change the BIOS to boot from the W7 disk.
Boot W7.
Check Disk Management. W7 should now be system, and you can format Vista.
Any apps you had on Vista will need to be reinstalled on W7. Save any user data created in the Vista apps before you format the partition, then import the user data into the apps once you've installed a fresh copy in W7.