Remove win 7 / Win 7 RC dual boot


Here's the background: I had Vista installed on the primary drive. I installed Win 7 RC on a second drive and dual booted the two of them. I successfully installed Win 7 (retail upgrade product) over Vista. I now have a Win 7/Win 7 RC dual boot system.

A capture of my diskmgmt is attached below.

I would like to remove the Win 7 RC install (S:smile: and get rid of the dual boot. EasyBCD did not play a role in creating the dual boot, but I'm hoping it can help get rid of it. Is it as simple as deleting the Win 7 RC entry? Will this include a format of the partition currently holding Win 7 RC? (Sorry if this is covered in the documentation. It is inaccessible to me (everyone?) right now.)

Thanks in advance.

Which system is OS (C)? W7 Retail or W7 RC?
If its W7 RC, then you'll have to use EasyBCD 2.0's new feature of Diagnostic Center->Change the Boot drive, pointing it at the W7 retail partition to move the boot files over there, then you can just format it, and delete the entry in the BCD, then use the former RC partition for whatever you want.

Otherwise, if C is not RC, then you can just format the RC partitoin and delete the entry in the BCD.



So that I'm clear... C: is the one I want to keep (Win 7). S: is the one to remove (Win 7 RC). If I understand correctly, while booted to Win 7, I format S: and delete the entry in EasyBCD. And that's it. Correct?
Yes, that should work perfectly fine since C: is "system" and has all your boot files, so you wont be formatting that partition.