Remove Windows.old.000 When Multi-boooting Win XP + Vista 5456?

I am having a problem: I can't seem to figure out or find out from anyone how to remove the file windows.old.000 from the hard drive partition that Vista 5456 is on. I am (trying to) triple boot with WinXP, Linux, and Vista 5456. I can boot fine to WinXP and Vista, but I cannot get permission to remove the old Vista (previous Vista version) that is now called windows.old.000. I really need the hard drive space.

I tried booting in Safe Mode and removing the file that way, but it won't let me, I keep getting the message that I don't have permission. This is super annoying. How the heck do you do it?
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Quick suggestion: Have you tried removing it from within XP?
this might help...

Acapulco Rolf said:
Many thanks for the responses here.

Here's what I've done to remove the "windows.old" folder, subfolders and files

restart Vista
at the boot screen hit the <f8> key
boot into "safe mode with command prompt"
rename windows.old to windows.old1

use the following command to delete the folder and it's contents

del windows.old1\*.* /F /S /Q

/F : force delete on read-only files
/S : include subfolders
/Q : suppress confirmation prompts

I set it running a few minutes ago and it's still scrolling through the files so It may be some time

Thanks again

(you probably know where this is from, cg. :tongueout:)