remove xp drives and no win7 boot



I was running a successful multi boot with Win7 and XP. I had 2 hard drives for XP and 1 for Win 7. Then I wanted to remove my 2 XP HDD drives, where I deleted all the drive info on them. I then deleted the XP entry from Easy BCD so that Win 7 was alone. Now when I boot with my Win 7 HDD alone, it keep asking me to install a boot device on restart. I had set my BIOS to start on the Win7 HDD. But if I install the boot drive from XP (which is completely erased) and set this up as my first boot device in the BIOS, it will boot up into Win 7. It will only boot up into win7 with erased XP HDD in the system. Any ideas of how to have Win7 boot up without the XP Boot drive?



I had version 1.7 of Easy BCD, so I updated program and did as described.

thanks for your help and quick response Terry