Remove XP from a Dual-Boot Configuration?

I am in the same boat

I had vista home and I shrank that partition added another partition and loaded XP on it, I cannot connect to the internet or my network and wish to go back to vista, how do I delete the partition that XP is on and what size do I increase the vista partition to, I can't even swap between vista and XP boots cause I haven't been able to download the Vista boot thing.

Please help if my rambling confused anyone,
I want to delete the partition that has XP on it, please tell me how step by step and what size do I need to increase the vista partition, please

Someone please help as soon as you can, my work computer is got me out of commision

Thank you so so so so much
Use EasyBCD to remove the old XP entry (from the "Add/Remove Entries") page.

That will remove the dual-boot. To reclaim the disk space, use a partition manager to delete the XP partition afterward.


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Well technically I never got to dual boot, my internet will not connect on the XP version and I never got to download the Vista boot,
so can I just erase the partition I made, and if so how do I do that exactly?
And after I do that what should I increase the partition vista is on

Thanks so very much for your help and quick response


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