remove xp from dual-boot with win7


I succesfully installed win 7 with xp. Later i want to remove win XP and that doesn't seem to be that easy!
Here is the harddisk partition : (on a DELL PC)

- FAT 55 MB Hidden Primary
D: NTFS 93 GB Active &Boot Primary
- FAT 32 3 GB Hidden Primary
E:Graphic NTFS 101 GB None Logical
F: data NTFS 53 GB None Logical
C:Other OS NTFS 48 GB System Logical

So the C is windows 7 and D win XP
E and F are data

I know there are a lot of bright experts who can help me with this !
can I use easybcd to get rid of xp , and bring win7 to the place where xp was before and keep the two other data partitions untouched ?
Or do I need another app as well like partition wizzard home ?

Somebody can show me the way to do this , without getting into bootproblems ?

thnx a lot
There's a problem with the data in your post. The C: partition can't be "system" and logical.
Logical drives cannot be booted directly. Their boot files need to be in a primary partition.
Please post a Disk Management screenshot, as detailed at the end of the sticky thread.

as you can see C is indeed a logical partition ; win 7
partition D is win WP
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You are testing my English Insularity with that screenshot (Is that Belgian Dutch ? Does it differ from Netherlands Dutch ? - You might like to consider adding to this thread)
Comparing to German, I'd guess that Opstarten = "boot" and systeem = "system" which means that all your W7 boot files reside with the XP boot files on the D: partition.
You can't therefore boot W7 without the D: partition.
EasyBCD won't help you move W7, it only deals with the boot files not the rest of the OS.
You can use any partition management software compatible with W7 to move the C: partition into the D: space, but you'll subsequently need to fix the boot process as described here for Vista, using your W7 DVD.
I have been thinking ! What if I just do a clean install of win 7 on the win XP partition ? Would that give bootproblems ? Or will I have a dual-boot but then with 2 win 7 partitions ?

the screenshot is in dutch (belgian)
If you install a new W7 directly over XP, it will probably be unaware of the 2nd "logical" W7 because you'll be overwriting the BCD which previously resided in that space.
It will only take a few seconds to add an entry into the new BCD pointing to the second W7 to enable dual-booting.
Ok i got rid of the bootmenu and I'm back in win 7.
I want to format partition D (XP) in disk management but format is greyed out.
Now i'm taking a look with partition wizard.
Should i maybe first set the D partition inactive first and the win 7 active ? And then format D ? Is that logical ?


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You won't be able to get rid of D from any program running inside Windows, because of its "system" status (in MS language, not partition Wizard which is confusingly reversing "boot" and "system" from the way MS uses them) You'll either need to boot the W7 DVD and install it to the XP partition (using the custom or advanced option screen during setup to format XP's space) or use a bootable partition manager which won't be subject to Windows permissions.
If you can boot it, you should be able to format XP.
You can't set W7 "active" no matter which tool you use. Logicals can't be active.