Remove XP From Dual-Boot


I have XP Pro on my C drive and Vista on my G drive in a dual boot using the Microsoft windows regular dual-boot configuration. I have now become comfortable with Vista and want to get rid of XP so I can use the drive for data and backups. Both drives are identical Sata II drives with the XP drive being Sata0 and Vista being Sata2. The C drive is the system drive. I read the thread started yesterday by imalone and the advice given him may apply to my situation. That was to format XP and use the Vista DVD to boot Vista and use advanced/startup repair to recreate the boot folders.

I don’t know if it is true but I have been told that I couldn’t format the system drive. My BIOS doesn’t seem to allow me to change the boot drive order for the SATA drives and I don’t know how to change the system drive from C to G if that is what I need to do.

I hope the above makes some sense and that you can help. Thank you.
Hi Sky,

Just switch the two drives around, and temporarily unplug the XP drive.
Repair the Vista boot process from the DVD, then stick the XP drive back in (keeping the order switched).

From within Vista you can now format the XP drive without a problem.
Hi Guru,

That is much too easy! I have been surfing and posting all over the web trying to find out how to remove a dual-boot and no one could give me an answer. All kinds of information on how to set one up but no one seems to know how to remove one.........except you. Someone told me the expert was here and they were right. You are a true Guru. Thank you very much.

You're making me blush, Bob!

At any rate, hope it all goes well. Do let us know what happens!
(If I may ask, who referred you to NST? We're glad to have you!)
Hi Guru,

Well, I opened up the pewter tonight and following your instructions everything went as smooth as can be. But of course you already knew that didn't you? :smile: Actually, more than one person recomended this thread. I think they were on the Dell forums but I don't remember their screen names. I am sure glad I made a note of it though. You sure made an old man happy. This has been bugging me for a couple of months even before I was ready to do it. I am sure that you have not heard the last from me. Thanks again.

That's wonderful news, Bob! :lol:

Glad everything went smooth, with computers you never know... a tiny variation and - let's not talk about what can happen :wink: