Remove XP in dual boot with 7


Hi everyone. First of all sorry for my bad english!! I hope you understand me. I have a dual boot with XP and 7. I installed first XP and then in a new partition 7. Now I want to remove xp keeping 7 and files in the XP's partition. I already downloaded EasyBCD 2.0, but I don't understand very well how use it.
I thank yuo all in advance for helping me.
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Which partition is marked "system" in Disk Management ?
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If W7 is "system" and "active", then you can just format the XP partition after saving your user data and use EasyBCD to delete the entry for XP from W7's BCD.
If XP is "system" and "active", then that's where W7 has put its boot files, so you'll need to be a bit more careful removing XP.
If you get yourself a live copy of Linux, burn it to a CD and boot it directly from the CD without installing it, you can use it to delete everything on the XP partition except your user files , bootmgr, and the folder named boot. Then use EasybCD (add/remove entries) to delete the XP choice from the W7 boot menu.
Thanks for the quick reply!
My Xp is "system" and "active" so I'm downloading linux distro you indicated me and then I'll go ahead with your suggestions. I have only two more questions. What do you mean about "user files"? After deleting XP choice using "add/remove entries" from EasyBCD, I'll be able to delete "user files , bootmgr, and the folder named boot"?
I really appreciate your help.
By "user files" he means any important files such as office docs, photos, music, etc - anything that's important to you thats not system related.
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You don't delete those. They're the ones you keep.
Bootmgr and the boot folder are the W7 boot files and you need them for the boot to keep working.
The user files to keep are your own personal files. As Jus suggests, your photos, videos, and documents, anything you don't want to lose.
You can delete all the rest that XP installed.